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Singapore Transsexuals - Changi Village

The Place: Changi Village
While there are no short of red-light districts and illegal female sex workers roaming around the streets of Joo Chiat (previously), Chinatown and Geylang, Singapore is no short of transsexuals / ladyboys providing similar services as well. They can be found in a few well-known areas which I will be sharing in my next few posts. This post will focus on the infamous Changi Village, which used to be well known for its transsexuals / ladyboys.

Changi Village is famous for its hawker centre which houses a few popular stalls selling Nasi Lemak and  Wanton noodles (be sure you try it if you are around the area). Changi Village is also famous for its transsexuals / ladyboys parading around the one-way street (Lorong Bekukong) and the public carpark beside it during the late nights. 

Changi Village Hawker Centre
Changi Village Hawker Centre
The Famous Nasi Lemak Stall
The Famous Nasi Lemak Stall
The Famous Changi Village Nasi Lemak
The Famous Nasi Lemak

Getting There
If you are traveling by Taxi, just tell the driver to go to Changi Village Road or guide him to stop along the one-way street (Lorong Bekukong) to the public carpark. If you are travelling by car, bus or train, you may use Google Map (Directions) to type in your destination 'Lorong Bekukong' and it will provide you with the routes to get there by car, train, taxi. 

For travelers by train, the nearest train station is actually Pasir Ris MRT, which is pretty far. It is advisable to travel by car, taxi or bus (Bus terminal is just beside).

Gothere map

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Area where Changi Village Transsexuals can be spotted
Area where Changi Village Transsexuals can be spotted

The Transsexuals / Ladyboys
Changi Village used to be a stronghold for some of Singapore's prettiest transsexuals / ladyboys. Some of them could easily put most ladies to shame with their beauty and slim, curvaceous body. 

These days, it seems that a new group of transsexuals (mixture of foreign and local transexuals / ladyboys, comprising of malays, chinese, filipinos, etc.) have replaced them and rumour has it that the old group has moved their trade to Geylang Lor 16. Activities over here has slowed down tremendously the past few years but you can still spot them late at night (0000hrs onwards, up to early morning around 0400hrs). 

This place is mostly visited by car drivers as the transsexuals normally stand along the one way street (Lorong Bekukong) or sometimes within the carpark and normally the driver will transact with the transsexual / ladyboy from his car and just drive off, either to a hotel (probably the nearby Changi Village Hotel) or to some secluded area (the transsexual will normally guide the way) to perform the activity within the car. For non-car owners, most will hail a cab to go somewhere else or go to any nearby hotel. Changi Village Hotel is just walking distance away. The area along Lorong Bekukong is more popular to spot any younger transsexuals.

Another location is the car and heavy vehicle carpark behind block 1 (where the 7-11 is). The transsexuals here are generally older and are usually Malay. 

Prices range from $30 - $300 depending on the type of service (short time, bj ($30), fj ($50), overnight (up to $300), etc) and the negotiation. The transsexuals / ladyboys are well-known for their blowjob. This is probably due to them being the same sex previously and able to understand exactly how to please a man. Most of the time, customers will ask for a blowjob (bj) in the car in a nearby secluded area.

Some of the transsexuals along Changi Village / Lorong Bekukong
Some of the transsexuals along Changi Village / Lorong Bekukong

Some of the transsexuals along Changi Village / Lorong Bekukong
Some of the transsexuals along Changi Village / Lorong Bekukong

Some of the transsexuals along Changi Village / Lorong Bekukong
Some of the transsexuals along Changi Village / Lorong Bekukong

One of the transsexuals in Changi Village (extracted from rajibez)

Transsexuals / Ladyboys are often outcasted by the general public but they are generally very nice and loving people. 

Here is one of the prettiest transsexual in Thailand:

Disclaimer Alert: For readers who are curious to take a look after reading this post, please note that this post does not in any way promote the above location nor encourage you participate in any of the sexual services. All sexual transactions come with some form of risk (even if it is a legal / licensed one). Do take good care of your well-being. Please also note that any sexual transaction that does not take place in any of Singapore's 'legal / licensed' brothels in the red-light district is considered illegal.

If you have any pictures or videos related to the above places or the transsexuals / ladyboys  and would like to share it on this blog, please email it to Thank you.