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Singapore Red Light District - Petain Road

The Place: Petain Road (Kin Jio Kar)
Petain Road, aka Kin Jio Kar (hokkien for Banana Leg) is one of the lesser known "legalised" red light districts in Singapore. 'Kin Jio Kar' is what the older folks in Singapore calls it and this brothel has been around since the last few decades. It is a fairly popular hunt for budget bonks for Singaporeans, foreigners and foreign workers.

Getting There
Located just beside the fairly new City Square Shopping Mall, this brothel is situated in 2 rows of houses (see below in blue).

If you are traveling by Taxi, just tell the driver to go to Petain Road or Flanders Square and he should drop you near the main entrance of the brothel. If you are travelling by car, bus or train, you may use Google Map (Directions) and type in your location and your destination 'Flanders Square' and it will provide you with the routes to get there by car, train, taxi. (eg: type the following: Lorong 3 Toa Payoh to Flanders Square)

There has been recently (end 2012) some renovation works done to  cover up the drain that used to block the back entrance. It is now fully accessible from City Square Shopping Mall if you are going by train. 

From City Square Mall, go to Level 1, exit from the Cedele Bakery exit, turn left, walk past pizza hut and you will see a T-junction, turn left and you will see the car park entrance. The entrance to petain road is opposite the carpark entrance.


Updated Jan 2013: Location of Petain Brothel with New Back Entrance

Main Entrance to the brothels

New Back Entrance (Opposite City Square Mall - Car Park Entrance)

View Larger Map      (Google Streeview for a better idea of how it looks like)

The Place
There are about 28-30 houses in total and each house consists of up to 20 cubicle rooms with some houses having 2 stories. Each cubicle is just large enough to accomodate a bed, a basin and a small shelf. Some rooms come with attached showers. There are no pimps to pester you to make your choice, which can sometimes result in many customers crowding to peek at the more popular ladies. Queues outside a room are common for the more popular ladies. The rooms are rented by the ladies themselves, mostly Malaysians and these ladies normally start work at 1130hrs to end around 2000hrs. There are some transvetites too, mostly housed in House 9. Almost all the ladies are chinese with a minority of Malays. Competition has increased in recent years as some of the popular ladies from other Red Light Districts (Geylang and Keong Saik) has moved their trade here. The place is open daily including all public holidays.

Petain Brothels (Houses) situated between the 2 shophouses
One of the houses (House 10)
One of the ladies starting work
One of the ladies starting work
Customers waiting for the popular ladies
(Extracted from hwz forum - jonesftw) 
Customers waiting for the popular ladies
(Extracted from hwz forum - jonesftw) 
One of the ladies in her room
(Extracted from hwz forum - jonesftw) 
One of the ladies in her room
(Extracted from hwz forum - jonesftw) 

The Ladies
Ladies here are mostly 'mature' with the exception of some young gals. Age range from early 20s to the late 50s. Some of these ladies have been there for decades. As for the looks of the ladies, this will really depend on individual preferences. There are defitnitely some lookers. Prices start from $20 to $50. Customers will check out the price by going to the entrance of the room and asking the price. The ladies will normally reply with a finger gesture on their price. Price negotation is possible here although not practised by most customers. The popular ones normally commands about $50 and almost all ladies expect the session to last about 15-20min although there are no hard rules for the time since the ladies are their own boss. Ladies here are required by the authorities to go for a heath screening almost every few weeks and thus, would be a safer alternative to those looking for freelancers/streewalkers. To understand the ladies more and their services, you might want to browse through one of Singapore's top sex forum: The Sammyboy Forum

For new readers to the above forum, here is a few quick guide to get you up to speed on the various abbrevations that are used:

- H2R12 - This is referring to the House number 2, room 12
- FR - Field Report - the forum readers normally share their experiences after being serviced by the ladies and they will normally grade them accordingly.
- BJ - Blowjob (blowjob with condom)
- BBBJ - Bare Back Blowjob - blowjob without condoms
- CIM - Cum in mouth
- CMI - Cannot Make It
- RTF - Retrun to F#%k (sorry for the language)
- CFM - Come F#%k Me (sorry again)
- Lau Chio (for those who do not understand this, this means hot, pretty mature lady)

There have been rumours that this place will not last long as the place is currently being developed very rapidly. Over the past few years, a few new condominiums and a shopping mall has been built beside it. While it is still around, this will remain as one of the last remaining red-light districts in Singapore.

Update Oct 2013:
One row of houses has been closed, rumoured to have been taken over by some large organization around the area to expand their business. As of now, only the even numbered houses remain. With the rapid development around this area, it is hard to say what will happen to the last remaining row of houses.

Disclaimer Alert: For readers who are curious to take a look after reading this post, please note that this post does not in any way promote this place nor encourage you participate in any of the sexual services. All brothels bring a certain risk (even if it is a legal / licensed one). Please do take good care of your own well-being.

If you have any pictures or videos related to Petain Road, the ladies or its brothels, and would like to share it on this blog, please email it to sgexposed@gmail.com. Thank you.