Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Singapore Red Light District - Desker Road

The Place: Desker Road
Desker Road is one of the oldest red light districts in Singapore. It is just walking distance (500m) to Petain Road (refer to my earlier post). Activity over here has been dying down over the years. During its hey days, you will see lots of illegal disk and sex toys peddlers stationed in the back alleys with watchouts stationed to look out for plain clothed police officers. This used to be a stronghold for illegal transexuals to do their business.

These days, it’s busiest on Sundays where it is a favourite haunt for thousands of Singapore’s Indian and Bangladeshi construction workers as it is situated within Little India. This place is most active during the night.

Getting There
Located near Mustafa Centre, the brothel is situated in the alley between 2 rows of shophouses which is flanged by Desker Road and Rowell Road.  (see below in red).

If you are traveling by Taxi, just tell the driver to go to Desker Road and he should drop you near the entrance of the brothel. If you are travelling by car, bus or train, go to Google Map (direction) and type in your location and your destination 'Desker Road' and it will provide you with the routes to get there by car, train, taxi. (eg: type the following: Lorong 3 Toa Payoh to Desker Road)

The Ladies / Ladyboys
Wallking along the alley behind Desker and Rowell Road, within the open backdoors of the shop houses, you will find bored ladies on plastic chairs watching TV and flipping through magazines. Most of these ladies are in their late thirties to fifties. There are some transvetites as well and there is a mixture of chinese, malays and Indians. The ladies in these brothel houses are licensed and opening hours is from noon to about 2000hrs. Prices start from $20 to $40. Once a customer agrees with the price, the lady will guide the customer to a unhygienic, small cramped room for the action. Late into the night when the shophouses are closed, illegal transsexual streekwalkers start to parade along the two blocks facing the roads of Desker and Rowell. Towards the end of the night, some might flash their plastics. Prices for these illegal streetwalkers range from $20 - $100, depending on the type of services and whether it is an outcall service.

For more information on desker road, the services of the ladies and the ladyboys, you might want to browse through one of Singapore's top sex forum: The Sammyboy Forum

Desker Road 7
Location of the desker road brothel and transexual streewalker area

One of the entrance (Rowell Rd) to the alley of the desker road brothel
View Larger Map   (Google Streeview for a better idea of how it looks like)

Desker Road
Alley where the brothels are

Desker Road 1
One of the brothel houses in the alley
Desker Road 2
Another of the brothel houses in the alley
Desker Road 3
Along Rowell Road
Desker Road 4
Alley between Rowell Road and Desker Road
Desker Road 5
Intersection between the 2 alleys along Kampong Kapor Road

Desker Road Ladies 1
Ladies sitting in the houses
Desker Road Ladies 2
Another lady in another house

Desker Road Ladies 3
Another house with ladies
Desker Road Transexual streetwalkers - extracted from youtube (rayicevdo)

Desker Road Transexual streetwalkers - extracted from youtube (rayicevdo)

Desker Road is famed for its illegal transexual streewalkers and of course, the older ladies (most are 40 and above). The brothels here are probably one of the most unhygienic among Singapore's red light districts. It certainly has survived the test of time, and will be here to stay. This is one alley that will certainly open the eyes of young and innocent Singaporeans.

Disclaimer Alert: For readers who are curious to take a look after reading this post, please note that this post does not in any way promote this place nor encourage you participate in any of the sexual services. All brothels bring a certain risk (even if it is a legal / licensed one). Please do take good care of your own well-being.

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