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Singapore Sleaze - Da Lu Music Lounge

Update 11 April 2014:
All things will eventually come to an end... Da Lu has officially closed on 31 Dec 2013. It has since been taken over by a well-known eatery.

The Place: Da Lu Music Lounge (along Balestier Road)
Balestier Road is well-known for its food and rows of home lighting shops. The famous "Founder Bak Kut Teh Restaurant" is located along this road. Just a few streets away is the once popular but now lesser known Da Lu Music Lounge.

Founder Bak Kut Teh Restaurant located at 347 Balestier Road
Founder Bak Kut Teh Restaurant - Photos of famous celebrities on the walls

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Police Headquarters and three hospitals are also just less than a kilometer away. Locals will normally refer to this place as a "Lup Sup Bar", meaning a bar that provides sexual services. While the bar is a legal business entity, the sexual services that are offered are under table and illegal.

Getting There
Da Lu Music Lounge is located at 554 Balestier Road, Singapore 329870. It is situated beside 2 eateries on its left and a Caltex Gas Station on its right. The building can be easily identified by the tiger stripes on the level above the coffeeshop.

By Taxi
Direct the driver to go to Balestier Road and stop near Ah hood road .

By Car
The nearest carpark will be at the HDB public carpark at Ah Hood Road. 

By Bus
Use one of the readily available navigation websites (eg.,,  to locate the buses. Type in your location (eg. if you are traveling from Lorong 3 Toa Payoh) and your destination '329870' and it will provide you with the routes to get there by car, train, taxi. (eg: type the following: Lorong 3 Toa Payoh to 329870).

By TrainThe nearest train station is Novena MRT. There will be a need to walk about 1 km along Irrawady Road from the MRT, pass by the hospital, Police HQ to reach your destination.

Gothere map

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Google Streeview for you to navigate and see how it looks like

Location of Da Lu Music Lounge and routes to go there

The Ladies
Da Lu Music Lounge has been around for some time. Most of its patrons are long-time customers and its main attraction is probably the cheap thrills.

The ladies are mostly Malaysian with a minority of locals. It was rumoured that some of the bored housewives around the area actually joined the trade out of boredom.

Most of the ladies here are in their early 30s to 50s and the patrons who frequent this lounge are usually those who prefer slightly mature ladies and 'MILF'. The place itself is very dimly lit, and is almost impossible to see the lady's face. Upon entering, the patron will be guided to a table by the mamasan and the ladies will start coming over. They are expected to be paid at least $2 the moment they sit at the patron's table even if they did not provide any "entertainment". Most experienced customers will directly ask for their preferred lady (by number), order their beverage and cash bill immediately. This is to prevent unnecessary "entertainment" or "harassment" by other ladies.

Experienced patrons normally arm themselves with $2 and $10 bills for the necessary services required. Prices range from $10 - $30 in general depending on the type of services provided. The charges are slightly more expensive for the popular ladies (up to $60). Below is a general guideline: 

- Handjob (HJ) - $10;
- Blowjob (BJ/BBBJ) - $20;
- Fu*kjob (FJ)  - $30;
- Bring the lady out - $100;
- All other tips - $2 only
- Open table (if no sexual services involved) - $4;
- Nuts and fruit - $12
- Coke - $12;
- Beer - $15

Da Lu Music Lounge is opened from 1000 to 0000hrs daily. Most patrons avoid the lunch hours to avoid unnecessary attention and stares as the 2 eateries are usually fully packed during this time.

Da Lu Music Lounge located beside 2 eataries
Entrance and opening hours of Da Lu Music Lounge

More information on Da Lu Music Lounge and its services can be found in Singapore's top sex forum: The Sammyboy Forum. There is a shared thread dedicated to this called 'Da Lu'.

While there are a lot of competition and "Lup Sup Bars" in Singapore, Da Lu Music Lounge remains as one of the lesser known bars and is probably one of the cheapest. While it is not as popular as before, this hardy music lounge may be here to stay.

Disclaimer: Please note that this post does not promote the above location nor encourage the participation in any of the services. All services (sexual) come with some form of risk (even if it is a 'legal and licensed' one). Do note that any sexual transaction that does not take place in any of Singapore's 'legal and licensed' brothels in the red-light district may be considered illegal.

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